Read our Sustainability (ESG) report - 2021/2022
02-05-2023 - Schur International Holding Group

Read our Sustainability (ESG) report - 2021/2022

Our ESG report covering the financial year 2021/22 is fresh from the press. The report provides a great insight into our activities within sustainability. As a new thing, the report is named ESG-report and not just Sustainability report. This is our first step towards complying with the upcoming EU legislation on more comprehensive reporting.

Once, the sustainable effort in companies was described with the term CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Now, the term is ESG, which is short for Environment, Social, and Governance. In broad terms, it covers more or less the same effort. However, ESG gains more and more footing as this term reflects the increasing demands for sustainable reporting.  

Irrespective of title, we are proud to present the report and especially this year’s results. Looking back on this financial year, the geo-political circumstances have stolen the headlines more or less all over the world. Uncertainty has been a term for many and at the same time, we have experienced a wish to rethink packaging solutions and a wish to optimize production. In the management statement of this year’s ESG report, the Schur family states: 

“Over the past year we have experienced an increasing demand for packaging and packaging systems that can be simplified in some form. This can be done by minimizing the materials, changing some ingredients, using recycled raw materials, and innovating packaging machinery. All to improve the packaging’s possibility to be recycled and in general optimize the resources used for our packaging and machinery. We will still deliver the features needed by packaging - protecting and preserving the product inside. This helps minimize waste, especially food waste. We take pride in leading the way in this development. It is imperative that we do our outmost to sustain and enhance the resources needed today and in the future.” 

Throughout this year’s report, it is described how we take on our role in this new world picture. This goes for our responsibility as a packaging producer and the extended producer responsibility for packaging as well as our effort on a daily basis. Once again, our companies around the world have contributed with cases from their locations to emphasize that sustainability is on the agenda all over the organization – and not just on a strategic level.