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High convenience solution from Patatas Hijolusa in Schur®Star Microwavable Bag


Schur®Star - High convenience in every respect

With an increasingly hectic lifestyle, today’s consumer prefers products that are easy to bring home, easy to handle, and easy to prepare. In line with this trend, Schur®Star Systems is providing the market with a practical microwavable bag solution. When home, having prepared the potatoes directly in the microwave for only 7 minutes, the consumer easily opens the bag by the incorporated laser score, and the healthy prepared potatoes are ready to enjoy.

Applied by one of Spain’s largest potato packers

The agri-food producer Patatas Hijolusa is among Spain’s largest potato packers and supplies the entire Iberian Peninsula with high quality potatoes. The potato range comprises varieties that will match any taste, in bag sizes that will match any household. Patatas Hijolusa has placed its trust in Schur®Star to bring BabyPat® on the market – in a practical stand-up bag with a lean, yet stylish design, ensuring high exposure at POS.

Available at 3,000 retailers in the Iberian Peninsula

Patatas Hijolusa’s microwave-ready baby potatoes packed in the microwavable bag solution are available at approximately 3,000 retailers. During the packing process, a thermal transfer printer adds the expiry date to the bag, as well as product traceability details, ensuring that this information will reach the consumer in perfect condition.

The Schur®Star Concept

Click to see our video describing the simplicity of the Schur®Star Concept

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