Carton spoon made of 100% recyclable material. You might think that your end-users won't eat with a spoon made of carton – but the Schur Spoon will prove you wrong! Based on the strongest carton fibers possible, this spoon will offer great usability, stability, and functionality.

The consumers have already approved the Schur Carton Spoon

Independent consumer test and evaluation

We have teamed up with the recognized market research institute Ipsos to run a consumer test on the Schur Spoon. 15 different consumers have tested the carton spoon on a daily basis. In addition to this, Ipsos has interviewed 250 people on their perception of the Schur spoon.

The conclusion? 8 out of 10 would potentially purchase a yoghurt pod with the Schur Spoon.

The taste when eating yoghurt with a wood spoon and the cardboard spoon [Schur Spoon] is so different. The wood spoon give a feeling of dryness in the mouth while the cardboard material is more natural.

Quote from one of the Ipsos respondents

The ultimate carton spoon

The Schur Spoon is easy and intuitive to fold, and our design makes sure that there are no jagged edges. The surface of the spoon feels smooth despite no use of varnish which makes the spoon comfortable to eat with.

Like with everything else, it becomes easier when you learn how it works and after having folded the [Schur] Spoon several times it seems quite intuitive.

Quote from one of the Ipsos respondents

Strong enough to carry a golf ball!

The Schur Spoon is made of some of the strongest fibers when it comes to carton. That secures stability and a great user-experience.

Strength has been one of our primary goals when developing our spoon for on-the-go products. This means that the end-user can enjoy their cold on-the-go product from first to last bite – without being left with a dissolved spoon.

Why should you choose our carton spoon for your on-the-go product?

The Schur Spoon is the perfect fit for multiple cold on-the-go products where a spoon is necessary:

  • Yoghurt (with or without muesli or granola)
  • Skyr 
  • Protein pudding
  • Rice desserts
  • Cold porridge

Easy to use.
Eat and Enjoy.

The natural solution

The Schur Spoon is made of 100% recyclable material, which is also FSC®-certified. This means that the spoon is made of renewable resources. There is no varnish or coating added to the spoon and it is made of nothing but natural materials.

Packaging and processing

The Schur®Spoon is made to fit the standard lid for dairy products. 

One of the main criteria for a spoon for the on-the-go products is that it can fit into the lid. 

We can deliver the carton spoon flow packed without wrapping, with paper wraping or with OPP wrapping.

A user-friendly carton spoon to comply with an EU-ban

Early 2019, an EU-directive was decided to ban the use of all plastic spoons from on-the go meals from mid 2021. Thus, we began our journey on developing a substitute for the disposable plastic spoons. Our focus while developing the Schur Spoon has been to produce an alternative that does not compromise with usability or the user experience.

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