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Bags & pouches

The Schur®Star Concept: A world of creative constructions and practical features

Our bags are produced of the flexible material you require - no matter if you favour bio-based or fossil based materials, no matter if you look for recyclable, bio-degradable, compostable materials, or not. The bags come with barrier properties as per your specifications - whether your product needs a simple water barrier or it requires a high-barrier solution. Schur®Star bags are available in many constructions and shapes, and we can additionally refine it with a range of convenience features. All constructions are available unprinted or with state-of-the-art flexo-print in up to 10 colours, plus various print effects.

Creativity is one of our core competences

We appreciate the role that packaging plays in the crowded and ever changing marketplace. Packaging is a key marketing tool and a vital contributor to successful product branding. Its construction and its print image can make the product stand out from the competition, and its convenience features are vital in supporting repeat sales and thus creating and holding on to brand loyalty. 

Our large portfolio of innovative pack constructions is the result of our experience with hundreds and hundreds of customers and packaging projects. Each and every one of them have raised and still do raise specific requirements, and we never failed to refine our offering to match their wishes. On top of that, our creative development team is constantly working on new ideas that add practical features, innovative formats, and attractive convenience to our existing portfolio. 

Some of our bag and pouch constructions and packaging features are described below:

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Reclosability features are indispensable, as they offer vital convenience to the end user. Reclosability makes life easier, it prevents product spillage - and the modern consumer could not imagine life without it.

Reclosability is a natural, yet vital feature on packs that hold reusable items, like for example DIY products, household items or stationery, enabling easy storage. Also for food products that are not fully consumed in the first place and thus require safe storage, reclosability is an indispensable packaging feature, as examples cereals, petfood or frozen vegetables. Last, but maybe most importantly today, reclosability prevents food spillage - when stored safely and without impact on the contents by air, light, water or odeur, the product quality will remain unchanged. 

Our reclosability features can be combined with many other features, like e.g. a stand-up bottom or a carrier handle.

Reclosable bags and pouches with a zipper solution

Frozen seafood 
Pet food

We supply a number of zipper varieties that all offer superior reclosability. They come in various materials to match the bag solution, and they can be mounted as a center zipper or a side zipper, dependent on your product and your packing process.

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Read about the Schur®StarLight bags & pouches

Label bags and pouches with resealability provided by the label

Wet wipes

Wet wipes

Another version of reclosability is the label bag construction, which is mainly applied for cleaning and hygiene products, like disinfectant, refreshment and cleaning wipes, for use in laboratories, hospitals, clinics, nurseries, households, and healthcare situations in general. Also perfect for travel packs of tissues, toilet tissues and tumble dryer wipes.

By means of the integrated label, the user easily opens the bag, takes out the required number of wipes, and closes it again. The resealability ensures that the wipes will retain their moisture. Security labels with tamper evidence features are available as well. Size, shape, and material of the label are adaptable.

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Read about the Schur®StarLight bags & pouches

Spout bag with reclosability by screw cap

Liquid or semi-liquid products​


Spouted bags enjoy growing popularity as an environmentally friendly alternative to glass and PET bottles, due to the low weight and low volume being an advantage in storage and distribution. The spout bag offers ideal reclosability for specific product types.

We offer integration of spouts into pre-made bags and pouches, which facilitates an easier filling process, as filling takes place through the top of the bag, and not as usual, through the spout.

Spout bags are ideally applied for fluid or semi-fluid products, like condiments, soups, jams, juice, or honey - or for powder products, like nutritional powder, or bake-and-shake products. 

In combination with a stand-up bottom the spout bag will stand out on the shelf at POS.


Read about the Schur®Star bags & pouches
Read about the Schur®StarLight bags & pouches

Stand-up bags / stand-up pouches

We pride ourselves of a long-standing experience in production of stand-up bag solutions, also known as stand-up pouches. We offer several versions, all of which are contributing to and supporting the perception of convenience. Not only in daily use and storage, the stand-up feature is of vital importance - for liquids, semi-liquids, solid products or powder-like products. The stand-up feature additionally does a vital job in presenting your product to its best on the supermarket shelves or in the upright freezer. The stand-up construction facilitates storage of the product in the household and is often combined with reclosability by means of a zipper. 

Breakfast cereals

Bottom-gusseted version

The bottom-gusseted stand-up bag or pouch is popular for many product applications and is ideally applied for light weight products, where the stability of the bag construction ensures that the bag stands stable, also when half emptied. To ensure better strength, the edge of the gusset is welded to the sides of the bag.

Doy version

The Doy version of the stand-up bag principally consists of two flat sheets that are sealed together along the sides, including a W fold that runs along the bottom. When the bag is filled, it will open up and provide a perfect base on which the bag stands safely. This solution is often preferred for liquid or semi-liquid products.

Box shaped bottom construction

Our box shaped bottom construction brings many advantages and is therefore applied for a growing number of product groups: Its box-shaped bottom makes the bag stand completely stable on the shelf, retaining its shape, also when half emptied, irrespective of weight and contents. With its five faces, the bag brings plenty of room for promotional communication and practical information, no matter whether you want to display it standing upright or lying.

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Read about the Schur®StarLight bag options

​Compartment bags

Our compartment bags come in a number of versions and can be produced according to your exact requirements - with two or more compartments, placed vertically or horizontally in the bag.

Zip-Pop bag

Potatoes with seasoning
Potatoes with seasoning

The zip-pop bag was developed for a main product to be prepared in the microwave, in combination with a condiment, a marinade or an additional product with seasoning properties - by example the combination could be potatoes and a butter puck.

The two product types are stored separately in the dual chamber bag, the top compartment holding butter puck, spice mix, marinade or other seasoning, whereas the bottom compartment holds e.g. potatoes or asparagus, a chicken fillet or a fish fillet. The unique combination of material, ventilation steam-strip and zipper construction makes the two separate compartments pop into one compartment, at the exact right time during the microwaving process. 

Mix & Squeeze bag

Meat & marinade  -  Vegetables & dressing

The two product types are placed side by side, the larger compartment holding salad, shrimps or chicken fillet, and the smaller compartment on the side being filled with herbs, dressing or a marinade.

By squeezing the smaller compartment with you hands, the middle seal will split, allowing the contents of the two compartments to mix.

Hereby you manage to marinade your meal inside the packaging without any mess.

Read about the Schur®Star bags & pouches
Read about the Schur®StarLight bags & pouches

Shaped bags

The shape bag is one of our specialities and it enjoys large popularity for many different applications. We have produced shape bags for various food products, like snacks, goodies, vegetables and toys. One of the very popular shapes is the T-shirt bag which we on several occasions have produced in national colours for promotional purposes during worldwide sports events, like the FIFA World Cup in 2019. Other shapes vary from hearts, christmas trees to fantasy shapes, matching a specific product, a brand or a logo. Only your imagination sets the boundaries.

Pickled cucumbers

Read about the Schur®Star bags & pouches
Read about the Schur®StarLight bags & pouches

Piping bags

Our piping bag was developed for pastry and semi-liquid products like e.g. marzipan, jam, icing and mousse or for products like mayonnaise, soups or dressings. The construction enjoys popularity in the catering sector and in the private household. As an additional feature, it can be combined with a rigid nose that can be inserted manually or automatically during the filling process. The fact that the packaging is employed both as a dosing and a decoration tool, ensures the high convenience which the end user prefers.

Foie grass mousse

Read about the Schur®Star bags & pouches
Read about the Schur®StarLight bags & pouches

Jar bags

With its creative shape, our jar bag will ensure attention to your product. With an eyecatching design, printed in 10 colours flexoprint, possibly combined with additional print effects, the result can only end up being stunning. Use the pack format for goodies, fresh produce, snacks or dry products like rice or pulses.


Schur®Star bags & pouches

Schur®Star is our full-scale packaging machine with high packing capacity. The packaging machine offers attractive features, e.g. the option of multiple filling positions. Schur®Star packs any bag type you may need, require, and desire.

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Schur®StarLight bags & pouches

Schur®StarLight is our a combination of a small footprint packaging machine, combined with pre-made, resealable bags. The compact machine was designed for small to mid-size runs, it is wheelable, and it does not require compressed air.

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Schur®Star fill opening

The large fill opening of the Schur®Star Packaging Machine

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Schur®StarLight bags are reclosable

All Schur®StarLight bags carry a zipper solution

For details of the Schur®StarLight bag range click here
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