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Schur®Star Box Bag

The Schur®Star Box Bag is an innovative construction that finds its use for a growing number of product types and new market segments:

  • The box-shaped bottom construction enables the bag to stand stable in the shelf, also with light contents, presenting the product optimally at the point-of-sales

  • The bag gives the producer excellent opportunities to customize the product profile and achieve effective differentiation, whether placed in upright or lying position

  • To allow the consumer a glimpse of the product, a window feature can be added

  • To the consumer the Schur®Star Box Bag brings high convenience: Easy to transport by the handle; with a laser perforation and an incorporated zipper, the bag is easily opened, closed and stored – a rational, practical and time saving solution in the hectic of everyday life.

  • Finally yet importantly, the Schur®Star Box Bag is a cost efficient solution as it offers maximum filling capacity at a minimum of material consumption. 



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