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Schur®Star Peelable Bag

The medical and the pharmaceutical industries often require packaging solutions that are easy to handle.

In laboratories, operating rooms and emergency rooms quick, sterile and safe handling is a must. The Schur®Star EasyPeel feature solves this issue. An emergency situation is a little easier to overcome, when scissors are superfluous for opening a pack of bandage or dressing for emergency situations. Although sterilised and welded 100% tightly, Schur®Star EasyPeel provides the required easy opening feature.

However, the Schur®Star EasyPeel feature has also proved relevant within the food industry.

Schur®Star Systems has refined the traditional inner liner film for bag-in-box solutions with new features. The single-source 3-layer PE construction gives the pack prominence on the supermarket shelf, and the peel effect offers high convenience in the household. This construction is a cost-effective solution for products that need high barrier qualities, but do not call for a laminate construction.

Another application is our Schur®Star Squeeze&Mix Bag where the peel feature is applied in the sealing between the two compartments. 



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