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Schur®Star Resealable Label Bag

The resealable Schur®Star Label Bag is mainly applied for wet wipes – e.g. for travel packs, refreshment wipes, medical wipes, toilet tissues, and tumble dryer wipes. The resealability or reclosability feature of the Schur®Star Label Bag is in many situations convenient. The end-user simply breaks the seal, opens the pack by means of the adhesive label, takes out the wipe and by means of the label the bag is reclosed to avoid de-hydration.

Often, the label feature is combined with a pillow pack, but it is likewise attractive when combined with a stand-up bag, a Doy bag, or a box bag for logs and tub refills. The bag is available in a large range of laminate constructions, including combinations suitable for IPA applications. Size, shape, and material of the label are customized, and we also offer security labels with tamper evidence feature, or child-safe solutions.

The packing process can be extended to include direct printing, for indication of lot no., traceability details or similar information.



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