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Reclosability improves quality and functionality of the bag

Schur®StarLight bags come with an integrated zipper – a feature which improves the quality and the functionality of the bag. Reclosability offers vital convenience and makes life easier to the consumer or the end-user of the product.

A matrix of options that meet practically any requirement

When the reclosable bag construction is combined with the other constructions in the Schur®StarLight range, i.e. the bottom gusseted stand-up bag, the doy bag, and the pillow bag, the matrix of varieties ends up being very comprehensive. If additionally combined with  bag features like e.g. a window in the bag, tear strip for easy opening, a carrier handle or a euro-slot for suspension, not to mention the option of a shaped bag, the range a reclosable bag solutions is attractive to any requirement.

Applied in all markets

Today, zippers are applied in practically any market, as it simply makes handling and storage of its contents easier.

Reclosability or resealability is an indispensable facility on bags that hold reusable items, this could be DIY products, household items, utensils, toys, non-wovens or stationery, enabling easy storage.

Also for food products that are not fully consumed in the first place, but where the consumer or the end-user needs to  store the remaining products, or maybe bring it with them on the go, the solution is ideal. The reclosable packaging will protect its contents from humidity, from dirt and dust. Among the food segments that ideally employ reclosable bags are both powdered and solid products, like e.g. cereals, snacks, confectionery, frozen food,

The highest quality standards

The zipper offers safe storage and prevents impact from humidity, dirt and dust, and most importantly today is that fact that it prevents food waste. 

All our Schur®Star Light bags are available unprinted or with up to 10 colours flexo-print, and the packing machine can be combined with various extra equipment, e.g. for marking or labelling.

All bags are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. 



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