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The flexibility of our concept makes it suitable for any market and for any application

The unrivalled flexibility and adaptability of the Schur®Star Concept makes it suitable for packing products for any segment and market, whether food or non-food, whether solid, fluid or powder products.

Creative and eye-catching packaging plays a vital role in the highly competitive marketplace, where an abundance of products call out for the consumer's attention. Schur®Star Systems supply attractive and sales-promoting packaging solutions to a wide range of segments, and we continue to exploit and enter new ones, both in the food and the non-food area. 

Schur®Star markets

Schur®Star is our full-scale solution with high packing capacity, it packs any bag constructions, and it is the suitable choice for practically any market segment.

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Schur®StarLight markets

Schur®StarLight is our effective combination of a small footprint packaging machine and pre-made, resealable bags, supplied on a string.

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Our experience gathered through generations is your advantage

Our comprehensive experience has been gathered from hundreds and hundreds of packaging projects, and each of these provided us with invaluable knowledge of requirements and conditions in a large number of markets.

We successfully serve large scale, high-volume mass markets, but of equal importance is our experience in engineering services for and serving niche segments and markets. Over the years, we have been met by numerous challenging requirements, but we never failed to meet each and every one of them.

Among our core competences is our ability to innovate, and our development team is constantly generating new and astonishing ideas that add innovative formats and practical convenience features to our bag portfolio. Our creativity and innovation skills enable us to constantly introduce new applications and to enter and serve new markets. 




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