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Fresh produce - fruits & vegetables

The idea of our Fresh’n’Go packaging concept for fresh produce like fruits and vegetables was to find an innovative solution to make everyday products more attractive at the point of sale.

Fresh’n’Go Bags made by Schur®Star Systems are mainly focused to provide a higher degree of convenience and more freshness for the consumer.

As options the Fresh’n’Go Bag can be supplied with the re-seal strip and/or Schur’s unique laser perforation for easy opening of the bag.

Our Fresh’n’Go products give you the chance to be different:

  • Superior shelf presence
  • Higher consumer attention
  • Handle for ease of purchase – Fresh ’n’ Go
  • Re-seal strip for convenient multi use

Get to know the Fresh'n'Go concept

Schur®Star Bag

Years of experience in providing packaging for fresh produce market led us to the point, where our portfolio for this type of products is wide - every project on the way taught us something new, delivered new perspectives and understanding.

Schur®Star bags open a world of possibilities.

Each step of designing our packaging is based on the requirements it needs to meet in terms of:
- product protection, 
- market demand and expectations,
- innovation, 
- process optimisation, 
- marketing goals,
- end customer's conveniece.



Schur®Star Pillow Bag

Pillow Bag is a classic solution for packing variety of products.

Its construction allows even distribution of produce inside the bag helping to protect it, while also fully presenting it to the customer.

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Schur®Star Handle Bag

Handle Bag aims to make the life easier – incorporated handle ensures convenient transportation of the product.

It also serves the purpose of protecting the content thanks to the holes distributed evenly on the surface of the bag - they make the air circulation possible.

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Schur®Star Zip-Pop Bag

Zip-Pop Bag is the superstar among fresh produce packaging, taking the convenience to a different level.

Vegetable of choice, when packed into Zip-Pop Bag, can be cooked in the microwave in a fraction of regular boiling time.

Dual-compartment construction allows seasoning the product in the process, resulting in a ready side dish prepared without mess – easy, quick and tasty.

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Schur®Star Shape Bag

Our Shape Bags are there to differentiate the product at the point of sales.

Even the best packaging, when seen very often, starts to blend into the shelf exposition.

This is the exact idea hidden behind this project – to surprise the customer, to catch their attention with an unusual bag shape combined with graphics of choice.

Thus, the Schur Star Shape Bags are also a perfect choice to support impuls sale.

Read more of the Schur®Star Shape Bag

Schur®Star Jar Bag

Jar Bag – astonishing, eye-catching design.

Perfect bag to dress the product, underline its uniqueness and protect it.

When produced with a reclosable zipper, it creates a container that saves the space on the shelving and prolongs the shelf life of the product, while presenting it thoroughly.

Minimizing the breakage hazard and transport costs are other advantages among many.

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Schur®Star Net Bag

The Schur®Star Net Bag corresponds with nowadays’ trends – covered with paper and allowing the product to be fully presented, combines premium design with convenience.

Handle and integrated zipper make the transport and storage of the product the easiest.

The net ensuring air circulation serves a great purpose against food waste - the breathability, which is vital to keep citrus fruit, potatoes, grapes, roots and similar produce fresh, prevents infestation and decay.

The use of net allows the organoleptic control of the product, which builds trust and is highly appreciated by the customers.

Schur®Star Up Bag

Our Up Bags will help to present the product, ensuring its visibility on the shelf.

The bag, when facing the customer, greatly increases the chances of the product being noticed, chosen and bought.

Specially designed bottom prevents the bag from tipping over.

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Schur®Star Microwavable Bag

Schur®Star Microwavable Bags are an answer for nowadays' living speed.

Convenient packaging allows the customer to achieve fully cooked e.g. potatoes in a matter of minutes.

The vegetables remain full of vitamins that, when normally boiled, would end up being washed out with water.

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Schur®Star Bowl Bag

The Bowl Bag, as a two-compartment solution, offers the possibility of packing the main product (e.g. fruit or vegetable salad) together with a fork or spoon, while keeping them seperated.

Thus, the customer is served with a great convenience when in rush or on the go.

Specially designed bottom of the bag ensures its stability.

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Schur®Star Reservoir Bag

The Reservoir Bag allows the excess fluid to be separated from the main product - the fluid simply drains down into a special bottom compartment, leaving the product properly drained and thus prolonging its shelf life.

The solution eliminates the need of using absorbent pads or colanders, offering a construction made with only one material.

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Schur®Star Box Bag

Schur®Star Box Bag is a solution giving the maximum possibility of enhanced communication - it is printable on front, reverse, sides and bottom.

It can be combined with additional features, as for example:

  • a window,
  • reclosable zipper,
  • laserscore for easy opening.

Thanks to its specific design, the bag has a large capacity, fitting variety of products well.

Read more of the Schur®Star Box Bag



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