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A tailor-made packing process

In principle, we offer you hundreds of solutions, all of which are based on the Schur®Star Concept. However, to us each and every project is unique and requires a tailor-made packaging machine which we design and engineer specifically for you.

Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic packing?

The flexibility of our packing machines makes it possible to customize a machine solution exactly to meet your requirements, matching your products and your production and packing process. Bag intake, opening of the bag, filling and sealing of the bag, and marking with label or print are operations that can all both be run manually and take place automatically - or they can be combined in a semi-automatic workflow. Additionally we can combine will all types of product processing equipment.

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Which platform?

No matter if you are looking for a small and simple bagging machine to fill and pack your products - a machine that can easily be moved around in your premises and that will require only limited space. Or you need a full scale packaging machine with high capacity, to be fully integrated into your existing production process, to pack a product that requires special conditions, special handling, or special attention. 

Our packaging machines are reliable, effective and safe in operation and maintenance, and they will add simplicity to and remove complexity from your packing process, no matter which platform is the solution for you. You will experience a reduction of downtime, you will be able to optimize your manning set-up - in other words, your productivity will improve.

The Schur®Star Packaging Machine


Schur®Star is our full-scale, comprehensive solution with high packing capacity.

It comprises a packaging machine with a number of attractive features, like e.g. the option of multiple filling positions or double index filling. It packs practically any type of product into any bag in our portfolio.

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The Schur®StarLight Packaging Machine


Schur®StarLight is our simple combination of a small footprint packaging machine and pre-made bags that are resealable.

The machine is wheelable and does not require compressed air. Schur®StarLight is optimized for short to mid-size runs. 

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The large fill opening enables a smooth packing process 


Schur®StarLight bags always carry a zipper

An array of additional options 

To complement the machine - whether Schur®Star or Schur®StarLight - we offer various options:

Bag solutions - customized in material, in construction, in features

We define the material specifications according to your wishes and requirements.

In addition, we hold an impressive matrix of bag solutions, ranking from the classic pillow bag to sophisticated constructions that offer a wide range of practical and user-friendly convenience features.

Our bag solutions offer priceless sales support at POS, and in some cases they do in addition to offering storage qualities also work as a tool in catering or the private household.

Read more about Schur®Star bag options
Read more about Schur
®StarLight bag options

Sophisticated flexo-print



Our state-of-the-art printing equipment and our in-house design and print preparation department offer you a world of options when it comes to print effects.

With flexo printing in up to 10 colours, metallized inks, high gloss or matte lacquer, or a combination of these, practically any creative idea can come true.

Read more of the sophisticated printing technlogy resulting in the eye-catching Woodland Wonders bag range


Our packaging machines are easily integrated into your existing production flow, and packing can take place manually or fully automatically - or by a combination - from a weigher, a counting or a volume measuring unit.

Read more about Schur®Star integration options
Read more about Schur®StarLight integration options 

Product processing


You can combine our packaging machines with additional product processing equipment - e.g. for gas flushing with modified atmosphere, hot fill, HPP, retort or autoclave - whatever your product requires.

Contact us for information of product processing options

Post-filling options 

We offer a large variety of marking, labelling and identification options.

Contact us for details of marking and labelling options




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