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174 years of experience at your service

Our experience within packaging is unrivalled and goes back to 1846. Each of the countless packaging projects we have finalized, have added valuable experience to our know-how. This makes us a prominent provider of complete packaging solutions and places us in the league of respected and reputable players.

Whatever your special project may be, our innovation skills are yours 

Flexibility is the core of the Schur®Star Concept. We customize and engineer the packing process to your requirements in terms of manning, handling, and processing. In our unique matrix of bag options you will find a pack format that matches your product profile and that will prepare it for the optimal market appearance.

Our innovation skills are however another core competence of ours, enabling us to embrace and solve any packaging challenge you may present to us. Not only have we dealt with hundreds of packaging issues over the years - our R&D staff repeatedly present new and innovative solutions. And if our portfolio of packaging solutions does not comprise the solution you are looking for, we will construct it, based on your ideas!

The Schur®Star Concept optimizes your packing process

Our Schur®Star Concept is the most flexible packaging concept, offering you packaging without complexity. We give you a complete packaging process that ensures uncomplicated packing of your products – because we remove complexity and add simplicity.

The effortless and smooth operation of our packaging machines will improve your packing capacity. You will no longer experience costly down-time, you will no longer experience product spillage. Change-over between products, bag sizes and bag constructions are done fast and effortless and will neither require costly spare parts nor additional tooling.

You receive the pre-made Schur®Star bags linked together as a unique string – because this concept ensures a consistent packing process and adds simplicity, flexibility and efficiency to it. 

Your production set-up is our starting point


The unique adaptability and flexibility of the Schur®Star Concept will ensure an effortless integration into your existing production process.

Our unique concept packs products in all types of environments, from white room conditions to in-field environments where fresh produce is packed – be it under hot, cold or damp conditions. And this adaptability to practically any environment, product, process and packing condition makes it a unique concept.

The packing process can be combined with the product processing you may require. We combine with weighing and counting equipment, equipment for gas flushing, modified atmosphere, microwave, hot fill, HPP, retort and autoclave.

Your manning and your logistics will be optimized

Your manning set-up may differ from product to product - a single product of uniform weight or format may be filled fully automatically, whereas a compartment bag to be packed with two or three different products may require a combination of manual and automatic filling. With employment of the Schur®Star Concept, you can easily switch your packing process between different integration types, dependent on the complexity of the product. 

Thanks to the high filling capacity of our flexible bag solutions at a minimum of material consumption, and in consideration of the low-weight, low-volume packaging material being beneficial in storage and distribution, the Schur®Star Concept is a cost-effective solution in every respect.

ISO 9001:2008 compliance

Hygiene and safety are top priorities in our production, and we are setting high standards in our quality management to offer you premium packaging products and the best possible solutions.

Our certificates are updated and renewed regularly, and our QM system fulfills all requirements of ISO 9001:2008. This enables us to react fast and flexibly to changes and preferences – with our customers and with the markets in which we operate.

Vital support to product profile and market position

Our large range of pack formats comprises a pack solution that supports your product optimally and will make it stand out from the competition – be it at POS, during handling and logistics, or with the end user. And if you don't find what you are looking for, our team will create exactly what you need.

The look and appearance of your pack solution will be effectively enhanced by our state-of-the art print options and support an attractive profile at POS.

On top of environmental issues to meet your requirements

Whether you look for bio-based or fossil based solutions, whether your choice is a recyclable, a bio-degradable or a compostable solution: Our sourcing team is constantly on the outlook for new material developments to offer you.

Our pre-made bags will be produced from the raw material of your choice, and our raw materials are sourced worldwide from reputable suppliers. We never go for the most convenient solution - we go for the solution that suits your requirements optimally.

Your product is protected, preserved and promoted

Not only does our pack work as a mere container that brings your product from origin to end user. On its journey it must fulfil many functions: It has to ensure a simple and effortless packing process and facilitate efficient storage and distribution. It must protect your product against external impacts, like light, oxygen, moisture, and aromas.

In the retail trade its role is to act as your sales tool at POS and highlight your product profile.

And finally, with the end user it has to work as a container, it must store non-consumed product safely and effectively, and it must prevent food spillage. In some cases the pack even works as a tool.

A unique service level in all phases of the supply chain

Your bag inquiries and orders will be handled with competence, accuracy and efficiency by our professional customer care center. With their experience they will support you with the best possible solution.

During installation and commissioning, your operator team will receive complete instructions and training in operation and maintenance of our machinery. And our skilled and experienced service team will at any time guarantee fast and efficient support and assist you with any issue you may have.



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