One of Sweden's largest bakeries

In 1982, Almondy was established in Gothenburg, Sweden. Almondy is a Swedish bakery that sells a unique range of frozen cakes used for desserts. Today, Almondy is located in Torslanda, Sweden, and the size of the bakery is 9,400 square feet. Each day, Almondy bakes around 80,000 cakes, which is around 9,000 ton cake per year.

Through many years, Almondy collaborated with another packaging supplier on the packaging for their desserts, and when that supplier was acquired by Schur Pack, Almondy decided to continue the collaboration with Schur. The last four years, Almondy has also used Schur Technology as their supplier on packaging machines. Almondy needed to change and update their packaging machines and after a presentation of Schur’s endload machine, they decided to sign with Schur.

Overall, we have a really great collaboration with Schur, and it is very beneficial for us that we use the same supplier on packaging as well as machinery. We do not have two different suppliers who won’t take the responsibility if there are any operational issues – Schur operates as one, holistic unit. Without doubt, Almondy expects a lot of our collaborators, and Schur always meet our requirements with a fast response and a great flexibility. During the running-in of the first machine, we had some challenges, but they were solved through a constructive dialogue. We are very happy with the collaboration, which is also why we have just invested in yet another endload machine. We can warmly recommend Schur as a machine and packaging supplier.

Glenn Cramér
Managing Director

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