Pommes de terre. Bagged with care.

Let's make Schur®Star part of your fresh produce packaging.

Your flexible packaging concept

We call it a concept because you will not only get a packaging machine – you will also get flexible bags and years of know-how.

The Schur®Star range offers automated, semi-automated, manual filling options, incredibly short changeover times, and very low waste levels.

Versatile bag shapes and sizes

Tomatoes, potatoes, asparagus, beetroots - you name it. We have many years of experience with the packaging of fresh produce. We have used this experience to produce the best bags in the market presenting you with multiple options. Applicable for all bags are these unique features:

  • Re-closable zipper solution. Easy to use and prolongs the shelf life of the fresh produce.

  • Different shapes, colors, designs & material types.

  • Packed on our unique Schur®Star machines, you will minimize the footprint and optimize your packaging.

Schur®Star serves many companies within the fresh produce segment.

Let us help you with your packaging needs.

Meet our award-winning Schur®Star Zip-Pop-Bag

When introduced to the market, the Schur®Star Zip-Pop-Bag was awarded for its innovative construction. With a unique bag construction, the Zip-Pop bag allows vegetables, meat, or fish to be seasoned and cooked in the microwave while remaining in the bag.

Your fresh produce deserves a Schur®Star concept

One unique system. Endless possibilities!

A patented packaging system

The Schur®Star machines provide easy filling, low drop-height, and one of the most flexible packaging machines on the market. Our machine can be operated manually, semi-automatically, or full-automatically and the packaging line can be supplemented with additional filling equipment with different features. When choosing Schur®Star, you will get a customized packaging line designed for your production needs.

The starting point is your product and needs

We know that one size does not fit all. We know also that the packaging process of fresh produce isn't simple. Therefore, we have a range of versatile solutions – and if none of these matches your needs, we will customize a solution for you. With 65+ years of experience within flexible packaging, we are used to being innovative and future-proof.

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A sustainable tradition

Our sustainability strategy is driven by a positive outlook for the future and a commitment to take action where we can make a difference. It’s part of our tradition to act with decency towards our customers, employees, partners, communities, and the environment.