Carton food packaging for ready meals

Our carton solutions for ready meals are tailored to your specific product and designed to deliver on complex requirements. The food packaging is strong, leak-proof and grease resistant and are perfect for ready meals and on the go meals.  

Safe packaging for food

Protection and food safety is keywords when speaking of packaging for food and ready meals. Our carton packaging solutions offers protection against damage in transit as well as from contamination. The packaging for food is also leak-proof and grease resistant. All to ensure that the food is handled correctly and packed in a way that fits the distribution line and consumers. Our packaging for ready meals is designed to deliver on complex category requirements.

Customized carton solutions

The packaging is the first impression customers have of your product. Whatever ready meals you make we can pack it and make it stand out on the shelfs. Our solutions are fully customizable to your specific requirements – both in terms of product protection properties and design. We tailor solutions for the individual customer, and we have endless design possibilities such as varnish, foil, effects, windows and much more.

Tailormade packaging machines

When you got the carton packaging, the food needs to be packed and prepared for shipping. Whether your product requires top-loading, end-loading, special sleeves, or a way to be raised in the packaging machine, we design tailormade solutions to handle the unique challenges of packaging your ready meal. We supply solutions that cover a broad range of carton applications, including forming, filling, closing, and packing. Whatever ready meal product you make, we can make a customized packing machine, that matches your needs.

We also do flexible packaging

If carton packaging is not the right solution for your food product, we also do flexible packaging.

Europe’s most high-tech carton facility

Our carton facility in Gallin, Germany, has set new standards for carton packaging. The high effective facility has increased our production capacity and has enabled us to set new standards for superior quality and enhanced hygiene standards and short delivery times.