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Eggelbusch successful with ChickUp’s in Schur®Star Shape Bag


A striking pack format is a must for impulse products

A striking and unique pack format can be decisive for strategically placed impulse products – it is not only important to hold on to existing customers but likewise crucial to win new ones. The German company Eggelbusch took up those considerations before they decided to go for a very special packaging solution for their new ChickUp’s line: The Schur®Star Shape Bag - an exceptional solution, convenient on the go and practical in consumption.

Unique packaging contributes to the brand loyalty

The new ChickUp’s line includes, until further notice, four products which are sold in the Schur®Star Shape profile. Eggelbusch went for a colorful design to emphasize the savory and full-bodied taste. This together with the stand-up bag construction ensures attention at POS. The bag material is based on a laminate construction and offers in combination with an incorporated zipper the requested convenience. All these elements contribute to a higher brand loyalty. As an additional feature, the bags are equipped with a functional euro hole for suspension, giving the options of presenting the bag differently at POS.

Eggelbusch is known for its smoky-savory summer sausage from Westphalia

The Eggelbusch brand has existed since the 1930’s. Ever since they have been producing smoky-savory summer sausage – for the pleasure of consumers around the world. With the new ChickUp’s line, based on 100% corn-fed chicken, Eggelbusch caters for on-the-go snacking, leaving its competitors behind.

The new packaging solution has been in preparation for some time, especially the packaging process under protective atmosphere which was tested extensively and adjusted until the optimal solution was found. The high-quality ingredients, the excellent taste and the new packaging design arouse high expectations of the new product line at Eggelbusch.

The Schur®Star Concept – flexibility in every respect 

The key elements of the Schur®Star Concept are maximum flexibility and reduced complexity. With the Schur®Star Packaging Machine and the pre-made Schur®Star Bags, which are linked together on a unique string, a smooth packing process is ensured. The Schur®Star bags are customized and meet product-specific requirements. The Schur®Star Packaging Machine allows for a quick and easy exchange between different bag constructions and sizes. A change-over between manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic filling can be carried out just as quickly. The machine can easily be incorporated into an existing production line and likewise be combined with additional equipment – for example weighing, labelling and product treatment by gas flushing. It won’t be more flexible!

The Schur®Star Concept

Click to see our video describing the simplicity of the Schur®Star Concept

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