Bagging technology made simple

The idea behind the Schur Star concept has been to make bagging technology simple. With years of know-how from the packaging industry, we always use your product as the starting point when creating a packaging solution. That is also why we offer two different platforms within the concept - a comprehensive solution and a more agile solution.

A range of opportunities

  • Barrier qualities for any need

  • Reclosable zipper and large fill opening

  • Multiple bag formats without tool changes

  • Versatile usage for different industries

  • Bags are linked together = smooth bag intake

  • Different sustainable solutions

Endless possibilities!

  • You can run different formats without any extra tool costs

  • Quick change over and the option to run small series

  • Optimize production resources

  • Multiple filling options

  • Easily to integrate into an existing production setup

  • Easily to combine with other equipment

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