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New platform to the Schur®Star Concept: Schur®StarLight

A success through decades

Companies all over the world enjoy the advantages of the Schur®Star Concept and its full-scale, comprehensive packaging machine with high capacity. Relying on the concept to pack practically any type of product, they have turned the concept to their own advantage and optimized their production flow whilst improving adaptability and responsiveness to market demands.

Schur®StarLight is the new platform

To meet the requirements of additional customer segments, Schur has for some time had a new platform in the pipeline, based on the success of the Schur®Star Concept. The result is the Schur®StarLight - a wheelable, small footprint machine, ideal for companies looking for an easy-to-go solution to bring into efficient operation from day one. A solution that despite the low investment still offers high automation, extreme adaptability, and immense flexibility.

Ready for international roll-out

Schur®StarLight has already proved its justification in the marketplace, the machine is gaining ground within the market and is now ready for international roll-out. To demonstrate how compact and lightweight the machine is, Schur have prepared the “Schur®StarLight Road Tour". The tour will showcase the machine across Europe in our very special rolling showroom.



The Schur®StarLight rolling showcase proudly presents packing machine, bag samples, and an array of documentation along with our very own sales manager ready to talk you through the benefits of the machine and explain how we can bring efficiency and automation to you and help you to pack your products more effectively.

Based on the Schur®Star Concept, but still different

Although based on the Schur®Star Concept, Schur®StarLight still differs from the full-scale solution. Schur®Star Light bags always come with a zipper, in a variety of constructions, and with various features - totalling in a unique matrix of options.

Schur®StarLight appeals to producers and packers who are looking for all the advantages of the Schur®Star Concept, but who have a different quantity requirement, for which the full-scale machine would not be suitable. 

We will come to you on the “Schur®StarLight Road Tour"

For details on the schedule or an appointment for a demonstration, contact us:

Schur®Star Systems GmbH, Liebigstrasse 7, D-24941 Flensburg, Tel.: +49 461 99750, Send e-mail.

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