Customized packaging bags for food

Do you need customized packaging bags for food? Every Schur®Star bag is customized and tailormade to your exact needs. Whatever fresh produce you make, we can pack it in a Schur®Star bag. We offer versatile formats and eye-catching design, and all bags are delivered on a string, ready to roll on the Schur®Star packaging machine.

Custom packaging bags

You can pack all kind of fresh produce in a Schur®Star bag

In close collaboration with you, we construct and design bags for food packaging. We work with different kind of barriers, materials, and shapes, so we can create a customized bag for you, that will both protect the food and be eye-catching in front of the customers. We always make customized packaging bags to ensure the product is being handled, packed, and protected the right way.

The unique Schur®Star concept

Schur®Star is a unique packaging concept with endless posibilities. It is a combination of packing machines and premade flexible bags. The concept matches any product and packing process. The concept is optimal for the fresh produce industry because the material of the flexible bags is great for extending shelf life and to show the products in an attractive way.  The Schur®Star packing machines packs your fresh produce in a gentle and efficient way.

Customized packaging bags for apples

Say goodbye to bruised and spoiled apples with our Schur®Star bags and packing machine.

To preserve the delicate flesh of the apples, the customized packaging and packing solution prioritizes gentle product handling and low drop height. The solution ensures that the apples retain their freshness and appeal on the supermarket shelf.

Different customized bags for food packaging

We offer a wide range of customized poly bags for food packaging. We make pillow bags, stand-up bags, box bags, shaped bags and label bags with different opportunities for convenience features such as Euro hole, Vent. Holes, Valves, Laser Score, mechanical and laser perforations, and zippers.

Regardless of material, size, and features, all bags are to be packed on the same packing machine.


Pea shoots are grown in an innovative Schur®Star pouch

The Danish company Grow Up Farm packs pea shoots in a pouch called Eat-grow-repeat. The innovative part of the packaging is in the bottom of the bag, from where fresh pea shoots can grow. The bottom of the packaging acts as a planter.  When the consumers have harvested the fresh pea shoots, only water needs to be added, and new shoots will grow up. The customized packaging and the completely new way of packing pea shoots has led to several nominations for innovation awards.