Automated Candy and Bakery Packaging

Whether it is cookies, chocolate, candy, or bakery that need packaging, we have vast experience in developing and producing automated packaging machines and lines for your specific bakery or confectionery product.

Automated packaging lines for sweets

One of the benefits of having different areas of expertise is the ability to create total solutions. Throughout the packaging process we have the required skillsets to create a complete packaging solution – everything from product marking, labeling, carton and flexible packaging to automatic packing machines, we have got you covered with experts.

Also, when it comes to candy and bakery packaging. Here, we have created automatic solutions for both single and full lines for various sweet products.

Watch an example of our automated packaging line for confectionery products here.

A total bakery packaging solution

Automated bagging system for one of Sweden’s largest bakeries.

As total solution provider for Almondy we help enhance their packaging efficiency through an advanced automated packaging solution. The partnership ensures high-quality, consistent packaging, supporting Almondy's commitment to delivering sweet and delicious bakery products to their customers.

Various solutions within candy packaging

We provide packaging automation solutions for the bakery and confectionery industries, offering automated systems for both bagging and carton packaging. In collaboration with you, we deliver fully customized lines tailored to each customer's specific needs. This includes cookie stacking, packing baked goods in tins, boxes, or trays, and our innovative lid applicator and wrap-around systems ensure efficient and secure end-of-line packaging.

Catch a glimpse of our ultimate lid sealing solution here, the Schur®Taping Machine H400.

Discover your possibilities within bakery and candy packaging

To us, it doesn't matter whether you need a single or full line, or whether your sweets need packing in bags, carton, or tinboxes – we customize the solution you need