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Champignon-based Risotto and Kashotto in fully recyclable Schur®Star CPP Bags



Be the first and the better

For decades, Polish Jantex have delivered quality  mushroom products for both national sales and exports. To challenge European producers of similar products, Jantex recently decided to go for differentiation and under the slogan “Be the first and the better” to develop a new convenience food concept: a unique combination of selected mushrooms combined with the nutritional values of rice and buckwheat – to be presented in an outstanding packaging solution, that would meet the growing market requirements for recyclability.

An eyecatcher at POS

To enable the exquisite products to stand out at POS, Jantex looked for an extraordinary packaging: a bag with a stunning design, of a construction that makes it stand prominently on the supermarket shelves and present the product the best possible way. Barrier properties were required to protect the delicate aroma of the exquisite mushrooms. Finally, the bag had to function as a container in the household, also once half emptied. All requirements were met by the Schur®Star Up Bag – produced of a CPP film and decorated with a charming design emphasizing the product itself.

Fully recyclable Schur®Star Up Bag

The product range is naturally gluten-free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. To match the healthy profile a fully recyclable material was the obvious choice, and the bags were thus produced of a CPP film. Although the glossy and stiff appearance is achieved through the material, it is a single-substrate which does not require separation and can be recovered via a recycling structure. The film offers excellent printability and mechanical strength in the packing process.

Mushroom specialities for decades

Jantex is a family owned company, established 1981 by a young couple who believed in the quality of their products. Now, decades of continuous growth later, the company is gaining ground all over Western Europe, based on the unrivalled quality of their mushroom produce.

The Schur®Star Concept: Maximum flexibility, no complexity

With the recent product range extension, Jantex can fully exploit the advantages of the Schur®Star Concept. Change over between bag size, bag construction and product variety require only a few minutes.

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