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Schur buys Alpap A/S in Kerteminde

From August 1st, Schur has taken over Alpap A/S. As a part of the acquisition, Alpap A/S’s production of packaging is moving back to Denmark.  

CEO from Schur International A/S, Hans Schur, and owner of Alpap A/S, Asger Grønkjær, shake hands on a closed deal.


”In the beginning of the summer, we were contacted by the owner of Alpap A/S, Asger Grønkjær. He was considering resigning and wanted to find a buyer for the business. During the summer, the trade has been finalized and we have now taken over the business. Asger Grønkjær will stay for a period, where he will help ensuring that the transfer of customers and the start-up of the production in Horsens and Vejle run as smooth as possible”, tells Hans Christian Schur, CEO of Schur Pack Denmark.  

Alpap A/S was established back in 1943, and the business started as a subsidiary to an engineering company. Through the years, the business has developed, and today it is based in Kerteminde. Schur identifies a huge potential in the acquisition of Alpap A/S as the business has a strong portfolio of customers. Hans Christian Schur elaborates: 

“Alpap A/S represents a relatively big turnover on cardboard packaging, and their customer base includes both big Danish as well as German customers. Of course, we are not guaranteed that all customers want to continue the collaboration with us in the chair, but we will do our best to make them stay.”  

The family owned group attaches great importance to making the acquisition as frictionless as possible. CEO of Schur Pack Denmark continues:  

“In the time of transition, the most important thing to us is that both employees and customers feel safe and well-informed during the different processes. We know that the changes can be seen as radical – also in the eyes of our own staff. Thus, we must be structured but also efficient in our approach to ensure the smoothest acquisition”, Hans Christian Schur says.   

Next year, Schur is facing several milestones. The family owned company can celebrate 175 years anniversary contemporary with a group management shift from the 5th generation to the 6th generation. Hans Christian Schur represents the 6th generation and he is excited about the possibilities he sees for the future:  

“With almost 175 years in the backpack, some may be tempted to think that we can be a bit heavy to move. But that is absolutely not my view. An acquisition like this combined with a fast and smooth takeover makes it very clear to me that we have a lot of agility and a will to handle change in our organization. The acquisition of Alpap A/S will be another exciting challenge for Schur, and we are looking forward to solve it the best way possible in close collaboration with Asger Grønkjær”, the CEO of Schur Pack Denmark ends. 

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